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Antonio Gatti - First day of Pitti Uomo

11/01/2018 0 Comment(s)


   The opening ceremony of the 93rd edition of Pitti Uomo took place at Florence Chamber of Commerce in Piazza Mentana no.1, starting 10:30 a.m. But the real start of the event begins on the streets of this beautiful city. Those who love fashion and had the opportunity to travel to Italy know that Italians - more than anybody else - like to reflect their personality and style in their everyday outfits. What is happening at Pitti in this period, is beyond any ordinary Italian day. Being the winter season - although in Florence the thermometer shows 12 degrees Celsius, most of the outfits on the streets are specific to the cold weather.



    At 11:00, the Forteza de Basso, is already overcrowded with all types of participants at the event.We had the opportunity to see, among other well-known people in the industry, the famous Hugo Jacomet, the creator of the Parisian Gentleman blog and Lino Ieluzzi, one of the most influential men in Italian fashion.

   By far, the most noticeable wardrobe pieces you can see at Pitti are the coats and the jackets. They are designed in every color possible and in various textures and shapes.  Lana cotta (boiled wool) is the most remarkable material characterized by a special visual effect, exceptional thermal qualities and mobility, that allows men to freely express their style. As you can see in the pictures, the wool coats are worn in all chromatic shades, from white to red. 

   Traditionally produced in the Alpine region, especially in Austria and South Tyrol, this material is compact, versatile, very warm, extremely pleasant to the touch and windproof. A high-quality coat made of lana cotta (boiled wool) is an ideal choice for winter or cold autumn days. There is no synthetic fabric able reproduce its unique, velvety texture that allows our skin to breathe and protect us for bad weather in the same time.



   As already described by its own name, this fabric is made by boiling the wool. When the wool is boiled, and agitated, small bubbles of air are trapped inside the material, forming a natural barrier against low temperatures. This allows the wearer to easily maintain its thermal comfort.
(In the Northern Alps, people used to make the boiled wool by beating the material with their own feet or with mortar, in warm water, adding some volcanic stone peat. The inhabitants of these areas discovered that the washed clothes that shrunk offered a better protection against bad weather).
During this process, the heat and humidity are repeatedly applied to the material. After this, the fabric is stretched over wide frames and let to smooth out and dry. The result of all these procedures is a resistant type of wool that will no longer shrink or change its shape.

Lana cotta is known as a natural antibacterial that neutralizes odors. Most of the time the clothes made of this material are cleaned by themselves, thanks to lanolin (the natural wool wax that surrounds each of its fibers). However, if necessary, they can be cleaned with a smooth brush.The men's coats and jackets made of boiled wool are very lightweight  and they keep their shape for a long time.


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