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About Pitti Uomo Florence

11/01/2018 0 Comment(s)



This event takes place twice a year (usually in January and June), in Florence, in the Fortezza de Basso area. The first edition took place in September 1972 and since then, the number of participants has grown constantly. At the last edition, held in June 2017, 1220 brands displayed their products in an exhibition complex of 60,000 square meters for more than 30,000 visitors.

This year, between 9 to 12 January, the 93rd edition takes place. During these 4 days, all well-known brands in the international men fashion industry, will present their autumn-winter collections.
In addition to the products displays that take place in the exhibition stands, during this event, there are presentations of new collections (of big fashion brands, but also of young designers) awards, parties, workshops, fashion or e-commerce conferences, all taking place in special organized locations near the exhibition areas. 



Above all, what makes Pitti so special is the streetstyle and the fashion show that takes place everywhere in this beautiful Florence, mostly focused on the Forteza de Basso area. 
There are at least three categories of participants in this special fashion event: the first category is represented by people that are promoting their products  and who are taking a few moments of relaxation outside the exibition stands; the second category is made of people closely connected to the world of fashion, such as bloggers, fashion editors or models; the third category - and perhaps the most interesting one - is that of men's fashion lovers who come to observe and, in particular, to be noticed, respectively to display their own outfits and to be photographed.

In these days of January, you have the feeling that hundreds of peacocks are walking the streets of Florence, each of them proudly wearing their fashion plumage made of coats, waistcoats or men's blazers.



During this event is absolutely normal to  meet any fashion icon, to take pictures with him or her, take autographs or even have a small chat. Basically, in this place, the scene of fashion shows meets the street in the most natural way.

All this crowd is caught and immortalized by hundreds of photographers and the photos are instantly posted in both fashion and social media channels.

There is an intense exchange of ideas between all participants, and from this point of view, Pitti is perhaps the most important event in which we find the confirmation of the next fashion trends. Maybe that's why is said that Pitti represents for the men’s fashion world what the Oscar Awards means for the Cinema Industry.


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